Solar Finance. Reimagined

We are revolutionizing how solar projects are financed across Africa to help address electricity capacity shortages and lack of financing

Building Solar Capacity Across SADC

Our investment in solar deployment is focused on buildings with consistent 24/7 power demands, primarily:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Manufacturing

We invest in projects that range in size from 250kW to 15MW, both rooftop as well as ground mounted solar, for grid-tied as well as battery storage configuration.  Our mandate drives us to move aggressively, so we perform full underwriting of projects, technical feasibility, and component procurement with an eye on making an equity investment in a subsequent Power Purchase Agreement.  If you are a building owner and would like to learn more, please share your contact information below

Grid Resilience and Virtual Power Plants

Our core investment thesis is that decentralization of urban cores, finance, and energy grids is the key to building economies that are resilient and growth oriented even in the face of climate change

For us, beyond simply installing solar, we seek to create storage-focused decentralized distribution capabilities that work intelligently to shift power where it is needed and ensure that there is enough capacity to meet local demand at least 99.999% of the time.  

This includes the development of virtual power plants that help national grids supplement reserve capacity and prevent the need for load-shedding

Four Legends NFT Drop is now live!

Our NFT platform allows us to rapidly make liquidity available for both underwriting and executing solar projects.

Our first drop is the Four Legends collection.  Explore the mythology of southern Africa with heroes like Mami Wata, Ngai, Uncama, and Huveane with beautiful moving designs that immerse you in their mystical world.

Collect an NFT to help support the adoption of renewable energy across Africa.  Guaranteed rewards airdropped via $FLOW tokens for every tonne of CO2 our solar projects help offset!

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